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In order to use effectively, you’re encouraged to register for an account so that you can access the data you’ve entered any time.  But you also have the option of using a “Guest Account.”

With a guest account, you can access all the features of that a registered user can access.  However, any data you enter will only be accessible within 48 hours from the time you create the guest account, or until you logout, whichever comes first.  Within this 48 hour period, you’ll be able to access the account even if you close your browser and later re-open it, provided your browser’s settings allow for the cookies to be saved.

The purpose of guest accounts is to allow you to test out before registering for an account.  Also, if you already have an account, a guest account can allow you to quickly experiment of a small set of transactions, independent of the data in your regular account and without contaminating your regular account’s data.

Launching a guest account is as simple as clicking on the “Login as a Guest” button found on the home page:

Guest Login

A blank guest account will be instantly set up for you.  You’ll be able to add securities and transactions just as you’d be able to with a regular account.  At any point in time, you’ll have the option of converting your guest account into a regular account.  This will allow you to extend the life of any data you’ve entered beyond the 48-hour time limit.  When you convert to a regular account, the data will be saved indefinitely.  To convert your guest account into a regular account, click on the “Register” link:

Guest Account After Initial Setup

Complete the form by entering an e-mail address/username and password:

Guest Registration Form

You have the option of using either your e-mail address or selecting a username for your account.  It’s highly recommended that you use your e-mail address – using your e-mail address allows you to reset your password if you ever forget it.

Upon completion of the registration process, you’ll then become a registered user and any data from the guest account will be copied over to your new account.

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