Exporting Adjusted Cost Base Data to a Spreadsheet

AdjustedCostBase.ca allows you to download data in a spreadsheet format.  This can be useful for the following reasons:

  • You can keep backups of your data.  It’s always good practice to save backups of any data periodically.
  • It can allow you to view the data locally and perform your own calculations.

Data can be downloaded for your entire account (or portfolio, if you have multiple portfolios) or for individual securities.  After logging into AdjustedCostBase.ca, you’ll be able to see a link to download all your data near the bottom of the page:

Download All Data to Spreadsheet

When you go to a security’s page, you’ll be able to download data for that security only:

Download Security Data to Spreadsheet

Data can be downloaded in two formats:

  • Excel (.xlsx)
  • Comma-Separated Value (.csv)

Both file types should be compatible with Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice Calc, and other popular spreadsheet applications.  The Excel format will contain some basic formatting of the data, while the CSV format is only basic text.

When you download all data, the spreadsheet will contain a list of all your securities including current ACB values, as well as a list of all transactions.  For example:

Spreadsheet Example

When you open the Excel formatted file in Excel, you may see the following error:

Enable Editing Error in Excel

As the message states, you’ll need to click on “Enable Editing” to be able to edit the spreadsheet.

The downloaded spreadsheets can also be uploaded and edited using Google Drive/Google Sheets and Microsoft’s OneDrive using Excel Online.

2 thoughts on “Exporting Adjusted Cost Base Data to a Spreadsheet

  1. Russell

    Is there a way to export a backup from adjustedcostbase.ca just incase I mess up values or imports, and then allow me to restore my website account to the backup I then upload?

  2. AdjustedCostBase.ca Post author


    In some cases this should be possible. However, splits and options transactions cannot be imported from a spreadsheet, so these would need to be manually re-added if present.

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