Annual Capital Gains PDF Reports on includes a feature, available to Premium subscribers, for generating an annual report of all capital gains and losses incurred.

This feature is only available to Premium subscribers.  The cost of the enhanced service is $49/year.  The basic features of remain completely free for Canadian investors.

This report is generated as a PDF file and includes a table listing each realized capital or gain or loss for the year in the same format that the CRA requires for Schedule 3 (Capital Gains or Losses).  The table provides a clear and concise summary of realized gains and losses, simplifying the process of completing Schedule 3 when filing your taxes.  The report can also simplify the process of entering capital gains when completing your T1 tax return using many popular tax software applications such as SimpleTax, StudioTax, TurboTax, H&R Block, UFile and others.

To access the reports, follow the “View All Transactions” main menu link.  Next, follow the “Generate Annual Capital Gains PDF Report”:

Generate Annual Capital Gains PDF Report Link

Finally, select the year for which you wish to generate the report:

Select Year for Annual Capital Gains Report

The report will then be generated for you to download as a PDF file.  Here’s an example report:

Capital Gains Report Example

Unlike the full list of transactions on, the table only includes rows for transactions where a capital gain or loss has been realized as a from a disposition.  The report also includes each of the columns the CRA requires for completing Schedule 3.

Transactions that do not result in a realized gain or loss – such as purchases, splits and return of capital – are not included in the table.

The table does not include capital gain distributions, which would normally be included on your T-slips, but the total of these values is listed below the table.

Dispositions where a capital loss has been reduced to zero due to the superficial loss rule are not included in the table either, but these transactions are listed in the notes below the table.

The table includes only a concise list of transactions that would need to be listed on Schedule 3, with the same columns required for Schedule 3:

  1. Year of acquisition
  2. Proceeds of disposition
  3. Adjusted cost base
  4. Outlays and expenses
  5. Gain (or loss)

10 thoughts on “Annual Capital Gains PDF Reports on

  1. Sean

    Great improvements! Been using this site for free for years and when I saw what the Premium version included I signed right up! Been looking for an easy/cheap way of doing the ACB calculations and this is certainly the most cost-effective way!

    Keep up the awesome work!

  2. Herb

    Doesn’t seem to work for 2015. I’ve got a few eligible transactions in my portfolio for 2015 but it’s not generating a pdf. It worked for 2014. A bit odd.

  3. Herb

    I figured it out–my mistake. I was entering the buy and sell as total dollars and not as price per share — and I left off the shares. So I guess it couldn’t calculate the capital gains.

  4. Herb

    Great service, by the way! I didn’t think twice before signing up for the premium. So much easier than the alternative of trying scrape online ETF reports and brokerage reports.



    I’m glad to hear you figured it out, and thanks for the feedback!

    There’s now an error message if you enter a sell transaction with zero shares. Hopefully this will mitigate any similar mistakes and confusion in the future.

  6. Neil

    Thank you for this wonderful site.
    I just wanted to comment on how incredible the author is at responding to feedback.
    I made the suggestion of allowing a user-determined tax year end, for those who need data in this form.
    And within minutes, the feature was added and functional!

    Much appreciated. Keep up the great work on this site. Subscribing to premium is a no-brainer.

  7. Maurice Newby

    Hi there,
    I agree with all of the above comments praising this site. I am seriously considering subscribing to he Premium version but have one question re funds in U.S. dollars. Does the Premium version do all of the buy/sell calculations of U.S. dollars to Can. dollars which is required by Canadian Revenue for Income Tax ;purposes when calculating Capital Gains?

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