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Exporting Adjusted Cost Base Data to a Spreadsheet allows you to download data in a spreadsheet format.  This can be useful for the following reasons: You can keep backups of your data.  It’s always good practice to save backups of any data periodically. It can allow you to view the data locally and perform your own calculations. Data can be downloaded for […]

How to Delete a Transaction or Security

Deleting a Transaction To delete a transaction on, first click on the “Edit” link: Next, click on the “Delete” link below the form on the next page: You’ll then be presented with a confirmation page showing the details of the transaction you’re about to delete: Once you click on the “Delete This Transaction” link, […]

The Portfolio Feature on provides a feature that allows you to have multiple portfolios in a single account.  This feature allows you to manage and calculate multiple sets of ACB’s using a single account. This feature should be used for the following: To separate ACB calculations between a personal account and a corporate account. To calculate ACB […]

Using the Initial Shares and Initial ACB Fields when Adding a New Security

When adding a new security on, you’re presented with two optional fields: Initial Shares Initial Adjusted Cost Base The purpose of this feature is to allow you to specify initial values for the number of shares and the ACB if you’ve previously calculated your ACB using another method (with another tool, using a spreadsheet, […]