Using the Initial Shares and Initial ACB Fields when Adding a New Security

When adding a new security on, you’re presented with two optional fields:

  • Initial Shares
  • Initial Adjusted Cost Base


The purpose of this feature is to allow you to specify initial values for the number of shares and the ACB if you’ve previously calculated your ACB using another method (with another tool, using a spreadsheet, or manually calculated).  This can potentially save you from a lot of time spent on entering the entire history of transactions for a security.

These fields are not designed to replace the first transaction (i.e., the initial purchase) for a security.  If you are using to enter all the transactions for a security (as opposed to entering an initial value calculated using another method) then you should (usually) enter the initial transaction as a “Buy” transaction and leave the “Initial Shares” and “Initial Adjusted Cost Base” fields blank.

With multiple portfolios, each security you add will be visible and available for transactions in all portfolios.  However, the “Initial Shares” and “Initial Adjusted Cost Base” fields will be unique for each portfolio.  When you set values for these fields, those values will only apply to the active portfolio.  To edit the initial values for another portfolio, you’ll need to first switch portfolios and then edit the security.

4 thoughts on “Using the Initial Shares and Initial ACB Fields when Adding a New Security

  1. rob

    I had a question regarding the “New Security” initial entry box. It asks for …name, ticker, initial shares and initial ACB. Therefore, my question is if I enter an amount ‘Total’ in “initial ACB” line, does it automatically get later converted with the exchange rate that gets used in transactions orders? Or does this line need to be manually calculated with same exchange rate that gets used in transaction entries? This is unclear for me:) Thanks very much!



    The value you put as the initial ACB must be in Canadian dollars. When you specify an exchange rate for a buy or sell transaction, that exchange rate will apply to that transaction only.

  3. Bob


    Is the inital shares and initial ACB entry still an option?

    I am only able to name the security.


  4. Post author


    We have retired the initial shares/ACB feature as it was sometimes being misused. Instead, you can simply add a “Buy” transaction for the appropriate number of shares and total amount (with a date preceding any other transactions).

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